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2010 Aflac Iron Girl Columbia Training Bike Rides

Posted on April 21, 2010

The 2010 rides will start April 13, and run every Tuesday at 6pm and 6:15pm from Folly Quarter Middle School at 13500 Tridelphia Road.



The route is 10.4 miles and follows along part of the Columbia Triathlon training route.
Thanks to CTA staff and to Princeton Sports and the BAHC group for their input and support of these rides. We expect to have both refreshments and bike support staff from Princeton Sports there to assist.

Additionally, on Sunday April 18 the Princeton Sports rides will commence from their store in Columbia at  9 am. This ride will be on the Official Iron Girl Columbia event course.
WE invite the local race teams such as: Team Embrace, Team Fight, Circle Team, BAHC and HoCo, and The Mid MD Tri Club to provide ride mentors if they can to further support the women in their Iron Girl Journey.


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