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100% Of Race Registration For The Half Full Triathlon Supports UCF's Mission

Posted on March 30, 2010

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF) is proud to set responsible and sustainable standards with the Half Full Triathlon, a 70 mile triathlon race. 100% of the race entry fees will go directly to support their mission to fight cancer both locally and nationally. A majority of proceeds will support the UCF mission related programs and a portion of the proceeds will establish a new National college scholarship through the LIVESTRONG™ Young Adult Alliance.

The inaugural Half Full Triathlon (.9 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run) will launch on October 3, 2010 in Columbia, MD at the well-known local venue, Centennial Park. Assistant Director of the UCF and USAT Certified Race Director, Brian Satola, will be the race director.


The Half Full Triathlon is a platform and opportunity for the UCF to raise awareness and promote health and wellness in the region. The race distance of 70 miles is in direct relation to the statistic that an estimated 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States. The “Half Full” race name refers to the mindset voiced by many cancer fighters that you should be “optimistic in the face of adversity” - whether it’s a cancer diagnosis or a 70 mile triathlon, people should see approach life as "hall full". During the nine hour period that 1,200+ person race field are participating in the Half Full Triathlon, an estimated 64 young adults will be diagnosed with cancer.


Half Full Triathlon also has the premium distinction of being selected as one of only three triathlons on the 2010 LIVESTRONG™ Challenge event series. The LIVESTRONG™ Challenge event series consists of 17 major athletic fundraising events around the world and five events in the United States. The other LIVESTRONG™ Challenge triathlons include Austin, TX and St. Anthony's, FL, which are highly respected and well attended events.


"Not only will the Half Full Triathlon benefit a great cause, says Race Director, Brian Satola, but we are setting high standards to be a responsible event. As a first year triathlon, we have already demonstrated success in our ability to keep prices lower than most half-distance triathlons in addition to being an environmentally sustainable race. The generous support of major race sponsors such as Kaiser Permanente, LIVESTRONG™, PhRMA, XTERRA Wetsuits have specifically allowed these goals to be attainable."


Despite the race not including a professional prize purse, to allow for more funds to go to support the fight against cancer, a few pros have already entered to compete. Identical twins Bec and Laurel Wassner will participate in the inaugural event. Bec, 2009 USAT pro triathlete of the year, and Laurel, a young adult cancer survivor and 2008 USAT Rookie of the Year, have shown a tremendous amount of support for the Half Full Triathlon. Laurel will compete in the race in its entirety and Bec has made a decision to race on a team relay with 2 cancer survivor/fighters. Bec and Laurel have both pledged their support to make the Half Full Triathlon one of the premier races and fundraisers in the Country.


The Half Full Triathlon event course is unique with two loops on each the bike and run that will allow many opportunities to see spectators. It is a challenging new course with plenty of hills but not too hard. In an effort to allow for congestion-free racing on the course, the Half Full Triathlon will feature twenty different wave starts based on age and a time trial format for each wave. Three people in each age group, will be started every five seconds in a time trial format. Those first entered in the race will be started ahead of those entering later. Complete information about the wave starts is included on the official event website, Average race day temperature is 73 F with a morning temperature in the low 50’s. The average race day water temperatures has been 68 F degrees and should allow for wetsuits per USAT regulations. To celebrate the day, there will be a celebration village and beer garden for racers, spectators, and supporters.

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