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Transcript of Natascha Badmann\'s Video Message

Posted on November 9, 2007

Aloha, all Iron Girls! I\'m talking to you from back home in Switzerland, and I\'m very sorry that I cannot be with you at your special Columbia Iron Girl day. But I want to take the chance to talk briefly to you. First of all, congratulations to everybody for signing up! This is already the biggest step that you made, and I hope you are very proud that you took that decision. I\'m sure you all will get rewarded with lots of good feelings for that. When I remember my first triathlon, I remember that I was very, very nervous, and I tell you I\'m still nervous before every race. So if you get nervous, don\'t be worried -- just realize that\'s a good thing. And, secondly, if you realize you still are nervous, take some deep breaths, release all the pressure, and you will see it will go much better, that you will be rewarded and you will be so proud with what you\'re doing. Remember, there is one thing -- you can do it, you\'ve trained for it, and you will do it. There is only one thing at that day that you want to do, and that you want to reach, that little thing that is the finish line, and if you reach that finish line, you will be rewarded with many, many good feelings that will stay with you for the rest of your life. All my races that I remember, they gave me big rewards in emotions. I learned many things about myself, and it\'s -- it\'s a thing that you cannot buy, nobody can gift it to you. There is only the chance that you can go out, do it by yourself, take that experience, and enjoy it, and be proud for what you did. So I wish you all a wonderful, happy day. Enjoy it, and many good feelings. Aloha! [See the video at!]

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