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FREE Practice Swim & Run for the Aflac IronGirl Columbia Triathlon

Posted on July 23, 2009

Columbia Triathlon Association has planned the "Dress Rehearsal" for the Iron Girl race to take place on Friday, July 31st. This will be a chance to practice your swim in the lake, and your run on the actual course (some people cycle on their own). It is a great opportunity to listen to speakers concerning the race, setting up transition areas and obtain answers to overall questions that you may have. It's also a great way to meet some of your fellow competitors. There is no limit as to how many can attend, so don't worry -- there will be plenty of space. Please bring a signed copy of this waiver with you.

When: Friday, July 31, 2009
Time: 6am - until about 10am, but you can leave at any time
Location: Centennial Park, Howard County. At the swim finish area under the Amphitheater
Parking: Inside Centennial Park on the grass. There will be volunteers and police to assist you.
Cost: Free to all pre-registered Iron Girl participants courtesy of CTA
Distances: Swim - approx. 1100 yards, Run 3.4 Miles (on the race course)
Items to Bring: Swimsuit, Goggles, Towel, Running Shoes & Apparel, Sunglasses, post event dry clothing, drink. If you wish to practice the bike course on your own, bring your bike too! There will be portable toilets available and a hand wash station. There are NOT any showers available. Since the race will be a non-wetsuit swim, we will not allow wetsuits at the dress rehersal. Please also be sure to print out and bring a signed copy of this waiver. You will turn in your waiver at the Princeton Sports tent and receive a wristband. You will not be permitted in the water without this wristband, so be sure to bring a signed copy of the waiver with you.
There will also be IronGirl apparel and other items for sale from CTA, so prepare to shop!
Misc. Details: You do NOT have to sign up in advance - just show up! But you must be registered (and paid) for the 2009 Aflac Iron Girl Triathlon (we will have a check list). You will learn swim and run tactics and also hear talks concerning transition, race nutrition, and what to expect on race day. This is a non-timed, low key, educational experience. It is meant for you to learn while having fun!
Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer, please contact Sharon.

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